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Genesis 8

  • The second largest Genesis No Till Drill
  • When fully loaded, you’ll need at least a 55HP tractor with rear lift capacity of 3,200lbs.
  • If you’re planting large food plots and have good access to them, the Genesis 8 will save you time & money.
  • It has 13 cutting elements, thus planting 13 rows at 7.5″ between rows
  • Capable of planting 7 acres per hour

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A true no‐till drill that will plant a variety of food plot seeds in the ground even in the toughest soil conditions. The Genesis No Till Drill features tempered cutting discs spaced that slice into the soil then plants the seeds in the slits that are created by the discs. The slits are then closed by solid rubber packing wheels that trail behind the discs. With the Genesis Drill, you will have outstanding seed to soil contact even when cutting through standing vegetation. The Genesis No Till Drill leaves no exposed seeds to wash away or be eaten by wildlife. The seeding mechanism is simple to calibrate and extremely accurate even with a variety of seed sizes and blends. All Genesis Drills have a 7.5″ seeding row distance and up to 7.5 mph seeding speed.

Working Width


Working Depth

0.5″ – 2.5″

Seed Tray Capacity

11.5 Bushels

Cutting Elements



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