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Progressive Ag Roller Crimpers


Choose from a selection of rollers that ranges from 6 to 61 feet, meeting your specific need. 


Improve your soil health by using a roller crimper, minimizing your need to spray chemicals and prevent soil erotion.


You can expect long-lasting performance with little maintenance and a wide variety of features.

Progressive Ag Innovation

Progressive Ag Innovation, founded in 2020 by twin brothers Austin and Justin Petry in Centralia, Kansas, is an American company specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of agricultural equipment. With a focus on “Engineering Ag Solutions for Tomorrow’s Farming,” the company, located in a small rural farm community, draws on the founders’ combined 20 years of farming experience and extensive engineering backgrounds. The inspiration for their venture arose in 2013 when the brothers, committed to sustainable farming practices, designed their first roller crimper to address the need for efficient cover crop equipment. Today, Progressive Ag Innovation continues to develop new products aimed at helping farmers protect their soil and enhance their overall profitability.

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