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Cordex SilaCORD Silage Film

  • Co-extruded 5 layer film
  • High puncture resistance
  • Superior strength
  • Suitable for round and big square bale wrapping
  • For tough conditions
  • UV protected to prevent film degradation
  • High barrier properties to prevent spoiled fodder
  • 30″ x 5,000′ or 20″ x 6,000′

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SilaCORD Silage Film is a co-extruded 5 layer film, engineered with high puncture resistance. Its superior strength guarantees its suitability for both round and square bale wrapping in the toughest conditions. SilaCORD has a high anti-UV content to prevent film degeneration and high barrier properties to prevent spoiled fodder.

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The 5 Layer Difference

  • Outer layer is designed for improved cling performance and higher UV stability
  • Middle layers are optimized for improved barrier properties. This layer keeps oxygen and humidity out to prevent fungi and mildew formation, improving storage time and preventing fodder spoilage. It also allows development of a carbon dioxide rich environment inside the bale, necessary to reduce fermentation yet keeping all vegetable matter activities in order to maintain the silage freshness and nutritional value.
  • The core layer is optimized for improved mechanical performance. It has higher tear and puncture resistance, better elasticity and transverse stretching.
  • Inner layer is designed for trouble free application in the field.


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