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I&J Crop Rollers


With the Cover Crop Roller mounted on the front of a tractor, a farmer can roll and plant all in the same pass.


Cover-Crop Roller tests at 90% minimum crop knockdown and handles tough crops like hairy vetch and rye.


No-till cover crops supply nutrients, build organic matter, prevent soil erosion and reduce herbicide use.

Versatile Machinery Manufacturer

I&J Manufacturing has been dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and an extensive range of products since its inception in 1984. It all began in the barn on the Blank farm, where they crafted horse-drawn equipment with meticulous attention to detail. As their reputation grew, so did their operations, prompting a relocation from the Jake & Emma Blank property to a spacious, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Intercourse in 2015. Today, I&J Manufacturing proudly serves customers across the entire United States, catering to both the horse-drawn equipment market and the production of implements for tractors. Their unwavering focus on innovation, technology, and precision continues to set them apart in the industry.

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