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Pequea Planters

  • Pull type or 3 point hitch planters
  • No-till or conventional planters
  • Splitter and twin row planters
  • With or without fertilizer attachment
  • Dry or liquid fertilizer attachment
  • Special custom-built planters available

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Pequea Planters are reconditioned John Deere 7000 4 & 6 Row Planters. Most of the 6 Row No Till Planters were originally 8 Row 7000 rigid frame planters. These 8 row planters have a heavier main frame and hitch. After being narrowed to a 6 row, the finished planter is heavier with a stronger hitch, making an even better No Till Planter than the original John Deere 6 Row 7000 Conservation Planter. The hitch is 2 feet longer and folds back. Pequea Planters offer a wide variety of planters, helping you find the perfect planter for your application.

Optional Attachments

  • Rocker Arm or Walking Gauge Wheel
  • Regular Frame Mount Coulter
  • Heavy Frame Mount Coulter
  • Double Down Pressure Springs
  • Pneumatic Down Force
  • Unit Mount Coulter
  • John Deere Depth Gauge Wheel
  • IH Tire or Inner Reduced Diameter Depth Gauge Wheel
  • Keeton Seed Firmer
  • Regular Closing Arm with Rubber Wheels
  • Update Closing Arm with Cast Wheel
  • Update Closing Arm with Posi Wheel
  • 7200 Style Hydraulic Markers
  • Single Disc Fertilizer Opener
  • Front Bar Row Cleaner
  • Soybean Cup
  • Contact Drive Wheel
  • Red Ball System (liquid fertilizer flow monitor)
  • Lights – front and back
  • Vset Vacuum Meter
  • Kinze Brush Bean Meter



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