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Iva Sprayers


From large, pull-type tractor sprayers, specialty application sprayers, boomless sprayers and small sprayers for your ATV. With tank sizes ranging from 15 to 1,000 gallons and booms anywhere from 10’ wide to 70’ wide, Iva truly has a sprayer for every application.


These produce sprayers provide boom clearance of up to 90” to go over sweet corn and as low as 20” for vine crops. This ensures that you are not missing any of your crops in your hard to reach areas. High pressure pumps and spray nozzles provide great spray coverage for dense foliage such as vine crops and tomatoes.


Field sprayers shouldn’t be complicated. These are as easy as backing up and dropping the hitch pin and connecting the PTO. With excellent maneuverability and maintenance, these are designed to make your crop protection a breeze.

Crafting Quality Agricultural Equipment

Iva manufacturing is a family owned manufacturer of agricultural spray equipment located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in an aggressive farming community where durable farm equipment is always needed. Iva Manufacturing was founded in 1990 in a farm shop and named after the  small village of Iva where they began. They pride themselves in producing products that are backed by a team who knows the toils and pleasures of the farming life.


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