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Norden Grabber

  • 8 Models- 8 to 18 bales
  • Cast hooks are easy to mount and replace
  • Durable 3/16″ tubing frame and UHMW bushings
  • Powder coated paint resists scratching and rusting
  • Can be used with any brand of hay accumulator

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Norden Standard Grabbers are great for unloading or reloading your small square bales. The Grabber grabs and stacks the bales flat or on edge. The 618 Grabber picks up the bales 6 wide and 3 long on edge using 36 teeth on 6 bars, and the adjustable guide bar tightens the bale group together. This Grabber handles 14″×18” bales 32″- 36″ long with no adjustments. If you want your bales longer than 36″, an extended version of this model is available.


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