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Norden AF4 Hay Accumulator

  • Bales arranged flat with their string side down, 4 bales wide/1 bale long
  • Norden Mfg.’s smallest Accumulator model
  • Handles bales from 32” to 48” in length
  • 4-bale grouping is ideal for small farms producing 6,000 bales or less per year
  • If bales are 36” long, you are able to cross-stack them with the EGF8 Grabber
  • Bundle dimensions are 72” wide and can vary in length depending on the bale dimensions
  • A two-bale length allows for narrower wagons or for longer bales than models with a 3-bale length

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Bale Configuration

4 Bales Wide and 1 Bale Long

Bundle Dimensions

72″ Wide by 64″ to 96″ Long

Required Loader Capacity

1232 lb

Working Length

12 ft. 11 in.

Working Width

7 ft. 4 in.

Working Height

7 ft. 5 in.


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