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McHale Wrapper 991BC

  • Patented hydraulic ground supported bale damper system
  • Hydraulically operated cut and hold system
  • Self loading arm
  • Quick fit dispenser film change
  • Full road light kit
  • Bale support bobbins
  • 6 Spare film holders

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The 991BC Bale Wrapper is recognized worldwide for its performance and reliability and is the number one choice for professional contractors and farmers. This machine is a four-lever cable control machine. It comes standard with 3.5 metre cables and has an autostop function which means the rotation lever lock in place after two rotations and stops at a pre-set number of layers. This wrapper comes with a Wizard control console.


  • 4.5 metre Cables
  • Side Tip Damper
  • 55% Stretch Gears
  • 5′ Lift Arm



Bale Size

4’ x 4’ or 4′ x 5′

Maximum Bale Weight

2425 lbs.

Width of Film



19 feet


8.2 feet


8.1 feet


4122 lbs.


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