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Kirkwood KS-80 Spreader

  • PTO Drive
  • GX 270 9HP Honda Engine
  • Twisted maximum wrap belt and pulley system to reduce slippage.
  • Two Speed gear box (no clumsy chains and sprockets to change speeds)
  • Lever action gate to control material flow
  • Materials flow divider (removable for lumpy material such as compost or poultry litter)
  • 21″ stainless steel heavy duty T-rod material web

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Kirkwood Spreaders come standard with features guaranteed to give you precision appli­cation of lumpy and poor flowing material. The ground drive gear box keeps the web moving steadily. The material gate measures the rate of material flow. Well tested charts fastened to the rear panel of each spreader describe the settings necessary for precision application. Match­ing different ground travel speeds, hi or lo gearbox settings, and material gate openings deliver an accurate amount of material to the spinners. A flow divider mounted just above the spinners splits the material flow allowed to each spinner helping to maintain even distribution to the en­tire spreading pattern.
Costly soil nutrients are necessary additives to soil health and superior crop production. Every applicator needs the accuracy of a Kirkwood Spreader to get the job done right each time!


10,000 lbs.


• #304 Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Construction
• 16.5L-16.1 Heavy Duty Flotation Tires
• 540 RPM PTO Drive
• GX Series Honda Engines
• Industry Standard Stainless Steel T-Rod Web
• Optional Tarp Cover with Hand Crank Opener
• Heavy Duty Welded Steel Running Gear
• 3″ 8 Lug Spindle with Greaseable Bearings
•  Heavy duty Jackstand
• Heavy Duty Chain, Sprocket, and Gearbox Drive
• Nylon Pull Rope for Drive Engagement
• Optional Hydraulic Drive Engagement
• Application Chart for Precision Application

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