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Are you contemplating the purchase of a square baler? Look no further than the Maschio Pitagora In-Line Baler—a product known for simplicity, sturdiness, and reliability. Proven in several countries and various conditions, this baler has consistently performed, making it a must-have for those looking to improve their baling process.

1. Consistency

The Maschio square baler has several features that let it maintain the level of consistency it is known for. A fan system always keeps the binding system clean to ensure consistent knotting performance even in extremely dusty conditions. The in-line baling flow and gear driven knotter produce consistent bales of uniform density and size and minimizes machine downtime.

2. Durability

The Maschio Pitagora In-line Baler is built to last. The needle in the knotter system is extremely heavy duty, made from wear resistant material and heat treated. The side pick-up wheels travel along uneven terrain effortlessly, avoiding damage to the tine bars and allowing consistent feed. This baler is proven to perform even with crops very difficult to process like sugar cane residues.

3. Easy To Use

Designed with the farmer in mind, the Maschio baler has many traits that make baling simple and efficient. The standard fan not only keeps the knotter system clean in dusty conditions but also blows the dust away from the operator. Another feature is the LED light mounted behind the knotter system letting you easily operate any time of day or night. These balers also have a simple adjustment system, making it possible to set different bale lengths from 12 inches to 53 inches. The gauge wheels and wide pick up make baling in any windrow and terrain an easy job.

4. Enhanced Productivity

Maximize your productivity with the high-speed plunger with an impressive 105 strokes per minute and an adjustable pick-up that collects all the product without waste. The in-line baling flow ensures perfectly shaped bales that can easily be collected with an accumulator.  These consistent bales are easily separated into flakes to simplify your work if handfeeding. This Maschio square baler was designed for low running costs and maximum productivity.


Investing in the right equipment is critical for success. The Maschio Pitagora In-Line Square Baler stands out as a quality solution for farmers seeking consistency, durability, ease of use, and enhanced productivity. Contact us to upgrade to Maschio and experience a new level of thruput on your farm!

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