Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Norden Hay Accumulator - Ackerman's Equipment
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  • Efficiency
  • Less Labor
  • Versatility
  • Simplicity
  • Service


The Norden Accumulator System is designed to be so efficient that one person can easily move hundreds of bales in a single day. If you use the system to fill your storage, the Grabbers and Tie-Grabbers allow you to also easily retrieve the bales when you want to sell or feed them.

Less Labor

The Norden Accumulator System is designed to help farmers maximize their time and minimize the labor for small square bales. The Hay Accumulator uses gravity and a simple mechanical system to efficiently arrange bales into groups. These groups are then dropped in the field. A Norden Grabber or Tie-Grabber mounted on a front-end loader or skid steer picks up the bales and loads them onto a waiting truck, trailer, or wagon. Then the bales are stacked into the barn with the Grabber, without an operator ever needing to touch a bale. Use The Baler Efficiency Calculator | Norden Mfg to discover how much time and effort you could save by using a Norden System.

Loading small square bales with a Norden Grabber


Equipment compatibility is designed into the system, so you can select the right models to fit your existing equipment and stacking preferences. The 18 bale system is the most efficient and is perfect for loading van trailers. For middle to high production, the 15 and 10 bale edge groups are versatile systems. The 10 bale flat system is the most popular model, with its tie row for stable stacking. And with the 4 bale system, even the smallest acreage hay grower can utilize the proven design of the Norden Hay Accumulator.

These accumulators can easily handle 35-80 lb bales, 32-48 inches long, permitting you to produce the size bale that best fits your operation. The Norden System works well with operations ranging from 1,000 to 130,000 bales per year.


The Norden team takes simplicity to a new level when designing these highly efficient machines. The Hay Accumulator differs from many others in that all you need to hook up is a hitch pin. It is simple; no wires, cables, or hydraulics to hook up.


Norden Mfg. has been providing quality square bale handling products to hay growers around the world for over 18 years. Although the Kuhns family has developed new products, new models, and many innovative new features, they remain true to their original pioneering design principles of simplicity and sustainability with every Norden design. They are dedicated to providing farmers with timeless solutions to an essential industry.

Norden Mfg builds some of the most durable machines in the industry, installed with operating technology that is easy to navigate and safe to use. The result is a user experience that will remind you of why you got into farming in the first place.