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Designed for compact tractors below 40 HP, the Maschio Weekend Warrior Flail Mower has multiple applications: mowing grass, shredding bushes, and trimming branches and hedges. It comes in two different styles—a fixed flail mower and a hydraulic offset flail mower. Both styles are available in various sizes.  But what makes this Maschio mower a cut above the rest?


The Maschio Fixed Flail Mower is designed to be a true multi-tasker, providing the option to mount it either at the front or rear of your tractor. The rear roller is adjustable in 3 positions to help you get the best cut in your field condition. You can also hydraulicly adjust the Offset Mower’s cutting head position to your specific need, ranging from working behind the tractor to the side at any angle between more than 90° vertical to -65°. This adaptability helps give the best possible performance in diverse terrain and conditions.

Maschio Offset Flail Mower trimming hedges.


Maschio is known for its quality and attention to detail. These mowers are no exception. Built to last with an advanced cutting design, they are engineered to handle anything from tough vegetation to ornamental lawns.


The chopped residue when mowing is contained inside the chamber, eliminating the risk of it being thrown towards people or vehicles while working on the side of the road. The hammers on these flail mowers fold back at impact, protecting the machine if you accidentally hit a rock. Safety is crucial to a secure and efficient operation.


Whether you’re a farmer managing pastures, a landscaper maintaining rough terrain, or a community worker tending to roadside vegetation, this mower is a comprehensive solution. The Maschio Weekend Warrior Flail Mower has what you need to get the job done.

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