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Stoltzfus Spreaders


These spreaders boast a unibody design, welded and proven material delivery, robust suspensions, heavy-duty drives, and top-mounted spinners.


By combining rugged durability for lime with exceptional precision for fertilizer, it ensures precise application in every use case.


Renowned globally in the agricultural community for their exceptional reputation. 

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Now in the third generation of ownership, our company was founded in 1945 by Christian Umble Stoltzfus. Under Mr. Stoltzfus’ guidance, the company was one of the nation’s pioneers in the design and manufacture of agricultural lime spreaders. These spreaders made possible the application of inexpensive stockpiled (wet) lime, a feat that previously had been a difficult and labor intensive undertaking. With over 4,700 units in operation, these premium lime spreaders have earned an excellent reputation in the agricultural community both in the United States and abroad.


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