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“Pioneer Round Balers are the product of our companies’ combined experience, providing you a simple, sturdy, and economical baler with all of the features you need, and nothing you don’t.”

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Why Buy a Pioneer Round Baler?
• 79” Extra Wide Pickup Reel
• Ultra Packer (High Capacity Feeding System)
• Self Lubrication System
• Adjustable Bale Density
• Net-Wrap System
• Conveyor Chain Clutch
• Simple Controls
• Wide Flotation Tires
• Pneumatic Wheels on Pickup Reel

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Our relationship with Maschio dates back to 2013 when we began to offer their widely known tillers. These have become a successful addition to the Pioneer line of equipment. Maschio felt their fixed chamber round balers would be another great complement to our successful Tiller and PTO Cart programs.

The Pioneer 4400 & 4500 Round Balers, by Maschio, are proven fixed chamber balers, designed and engineered to be economical for small scale farming. These same balers are being sold in Europe as John Deere balers. Maschio builds a complete line of balers, including variable chamber, and far more complex units for large scale farming. Pioneer Round Balers are the product of our companies’ combined experience, providing you a simple, sturdy, and economical baler with all of the features you need and nothing you don’t.

Simple Controls
Our simple controller has a visible stop light and audible alarm to indicate when the chamber has reached it’s target density. One switch engages the net wrap system from the operator’s seat.

Adjustable Bale Density
Bale density can be manually adjusted easily from the front of the baler, up to 190 pounds.

79” Extra Wide Pickup Reel
Extra wide for large windrows and corners, the reel feeds the Ultra Packer and two converging augers for optimum product ow. The reel oats on pnuematic wheels and is hydraulically raised from the operator’s seat.

Ultra Packer (High Capacity Feeding System)
The Ultra Packer moves crops through the large clearance between the pickup and the chamber, perserving crop structure and protecting highly nutritious leaves. The Ultra Packer also reduces the need to weave, makes it easier to start a new bale, reduces clogging, and improves hay and straw quality.

Net-Wrap System
One switch engages the simple net-wrap system from the operators seat. The number of wraps is easily accessed and adjusted from the side of the baler.

Adjustable Cam Track
By adjusting the pickup cam you can improve feeding effciency for different types of crops and moisture levels.
• Rotating the tines closer to the rotor (B) improves feeding in dry conditions
• Rotating the tines away from the rotor (A) improves feeding in wet conditions.

Built-In Feeding System Safety
(Preventing Baler Damage)
If the operator accidentally continues to feed the chamber after the target density has been reached, two safety features are built-in to prevent baler damage.

1. The pickup shear bolt only stops the pickup. The rotor feeder and chamber remain powered.
2. The rotor feeder shear bolt stops the pickup and rotor feeder, while the chamber remains powered.
Note: These shear bolts are not pictured here, but both are easily accessible on the left side of the pickup.

Conveyor Chain Clutch
A mechanically operated clutch will disengage the conveyor chain when the tailgate is open. This reduces chain stress,
noise, and the chance for damage, while increasing the life of the baler and overall safety.

Easy to Maintain
An automatic chain lubrication system pumps oil to the chains everytime the door is opened. This leaves only a few easy accessible grease points to maintain.