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Mast Farm Pallet Forks

  • Forks are made in America
  • Varying in weight and durability
  • Differing styles for different applications

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Light Duty Pallet Fork

  • 1500# lift capacity
  • 36″, 42″, or 48″ forks
  • Frame 32″ high x 48″ wide
  • For small machines and compact tractors 30hp and under

Medium Duty Pallet Fork

  • 3500# lift capacity
  • 42″ or 48″ forks
  • Frame 38″ high x 49″ wide
  • For machines 60hp and under

Heavy Duty Pallet Fork

  • 5000# lift capacity
  • 48″ or 60″ forks
  • Frame 38″ high x 49″ wide
  • Also available with step through frame
  • High carbon top bar
  • Logging and oil field application


All Mast Farm Pallet Forks are made in America. These Pallet Forks are durable and high quality. Find the perfect one for your application.