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16″ Reverse Rollaway Yuneek Nestbox


  • Protects eggs and keeps them clean
  • Vinyl flaps to keep the interior darker
  • Increases your overall production
  • Requires minimal assembly
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Yuneek nest with eggs

Our roll-away nests are designed to help keep eggs clean and less prone to damage, increasing your overall production. Requires minimal assembly. Vinyl flaps on the front keep the interior darker, helping the chickens to feel more safe and secure. This encourages them to use the nests. Conventional nests have dividers and chickens have a tendency to use only a few sections, causing problems. Our nests do not have any dividers.

Great Air Circulation
Constructed from quality galvanized metal. The included nest pad lays on 1” x 1” galvanized wire mesh. This allows for better air circulation.

Egg Protection
Note the egg guard that is angled in toward the laying area. This is to prevent chickens from seeing, or getting at, the eggs in the tray.

Helps Chickens Feel Secure
Vinyl flaps on the front keep the interior darker and help chickens feel more secure and hidden. This will encourage them to use the nest instead of laying eggs elsewhere.

Accommodates More Chickens
In a conventional 6-8 or 10 hole nest, chickens have a tendency to use only a few sections, which can cause problems. Our nests do not have any dividers! This design has proven to accommodate fairly large flocks for its small size!

Available Sizes*

*These are conservative figures, in most cases adding up to 10 more chickens is possible

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