Installing Your Hoop Building - Ackerman's Equipment
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Ackerman’s offers turn-key installation with lead times of 6-10 weeks. This means, after you decide exactly what you want, your work is over. We will work with the manufacturer and the builders from the ordering process to the canvas installation to insure you have a shelter when you need it. Depending on your choice of sidewalls, your building can be constructed in just a few days and less than one day once the walls are in place. Below is an average timeline for a top to be installed.


8:00: With large hoop buildings, the trusses are transported in three pieces each. The first step is to fasten them into one. As soon as the first truss is bolted together, a few crew members get it in place and prepare to lift it up. 



9:00: Once the first truss is upright in the proper place, a crew member supports it while others get the second truss in place.



11:00:  When the second truss is in place, they install braces that hold the trusses together, making them self-sustaining. Some workers put trusses together and a few workers install them. They repeat this process until all the trusses are in place.



3:00: After all the trusses are in place, they lay out the canvas and run ropes over the top of the trusses. The crew fastens the ropes to the canvas and pulls it over the building. Then they use ratchets to fasten the canvas to the edges and bottoms and to stretch it tight.


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