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Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper

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The Diamond Z560 3-point mounted machine is also an economical solution for farmers wrapping fewer than 400 bales a year. Maximum bale diameter is 4’x4’ and maximum bale weight is 1,800 lbs. The bale is unloaded by raising the table with the 3 point lift. Film is cut with a simple and effective cut and hold feature. A monitor indicates the number of current wraps when working. 20” film may also be used with a minor adjustment. Wrapping time per bale is approximately 80 seconds with 30” film. An optional off load ramp with end tip is available. The machine is designed to operate in a stationary position with the table resting on the ground. 

CAT II 3 Point Hitch – Minimum tractor of 45 HP is required to lift the machine alone. 

COUNTER DISPLAY Displays the number of wraps per bale. 

OPTIONAL OFF LOAD RAMP Shown with optional off load ramp with end tip. 


Bale Size 

4’ x 4’ 

Maximum Bale Weight 

1800 lbs. 

Width of Film 


Minimum Horse Power 

45 HP 


8.5 feet 


4 feet 


5.6 feet 


950 lbs. 


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