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Our rugged design offers peace of mind for amateur and veteran loggers.

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Skidding logs is safer for you, and easier on your horses with the new Pioneer Logging Cart. Beginner and veteran loggers can all appreciate the ease of operation new innovations provide.

Why a Pioneer Logging Cart?
• Safe, Rugged Design
• Hands-Free Foot Pedal Log Release
• Chain Drawbar with Handles to Provide Extra Leverage
• Log Deflectors to Prevent Tipping

Features & Specifications
• Arch handles up to 34” logs
• 68“ Overall width
• 2” Heavy Duty Spindles with 6-bolt hubs
• Steel tongue with safety tongue cap
• Recessed platform prevents your feet and chains from sliding off the side.
• Optional fiberglass scabboard
“Our rugged design offers peace of mind for amateur and veteran loggers.”

Log Deflectors
When turning, logs will hit the deflector instead of the wheel to help prevent tipping. Deflectors also serve as a step.

Spring-Loaded Foot Pedal
Release logs with your foot while keeping both hands on the lines. Located under the seat it is both easy to get to, and out of the way.

Chain Drawbar with Handles
Chain slots with stops keep the chain in place while handles provide the leverage needed to raise larger logs.

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