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Forecart Accessories

Accessories designed to save time and make your tasks, safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

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Spring Torsion Axle
• Strong steel spring provides ultra-smooth ride
• Summit Draft max drawbar weight = 800lbs.

Rubber Torsion Axle
• Rubber suspension reduces shock on equipment and operator
• Summit Draft max drawbar weight = 800lbs.
• Summit Haflinger max drawbar weight = 600lbs.

Mechanical Brakes
Band type with replaceable lining. Foot pedal operated with lock.

Hydraulic Brakes
10” trailer type and foot pedal operated. All brakes are factory installed, tested and adjusted. Brake lock included. (Only available on draft carts.)

Reese Hitch Receiver
Easily bolts to any Summit Forecart drawbar. Accepts any 2” Reese insert including our Cargo Tray. Remove insert to access drawbar holes without removing the receiver.

12 Volt hydraulic Unit
For any application where only hydraulics are needed. The 1.5GPM pump provides power up and power down. Designed to easily mount on any Pioneer Forecart.
• Handle for easier carrying
• Resettable fuse – allows you to reset instead of replacing
• Heavy duty battery tester

Poly Bench Seat with Cushion
The perfect choice for pleasure driving. Added safety for the teamster.
Overall width:
Haflinger = 40”
Draft = 44”

Canvas Bench Seat Cover
Keep your seat clean and dry. Made from durable, waterproof canvas material.

Cup Holder
Take your drink to the field. Hot coffee in the morning, or a cold drink in the afternoon.

Jug Holder
On hot summer days when a cup holder may not be enough, you’ll be glad you have our new 1/2 gallon water jug holder. Pioneer jug included.

Tractor Seat
Provide added comfort for long days in the field.

Cargo Tray
Haul your extra cargo. Use with Reese hitch receiver. 17”wide x 29”long x 8-1/2” high

Drawbar Extension
Easily bolts to any Summit Forecart drawbar.

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