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Alumi-Coop 12’x12′


Package Includes:

  • 12’x12′ Alumi-Coop
  • Superior Outside Feeding System, 50# cap.
  • Plasson Bell Waterer, 16 gal. cap.

We only offer the 12×12 in one package option as our feeding system works in conjunction with our canvas cover.

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12’x12′ Alumi-Coop Features

  • Strong and durable aluminum frame
  • Smooth adjustable wheel system
  • Heavy-duty Shelter Rite vinyl cover
  • 1”x1” 14-gauge galvanized after-weld netting for extreme predator resistance
  • Plenty of room up to 100 birds
  • Designed from a chicken’s perspective to completely eliminate stress
  • Adjustable feeders to eliminate feed waste
  • Industry leading Plasson Bell waterer plumbed into 16-gallon tank reservoir
  • Maximum air flow for better bird health
  • Guaranteed better broiler & turkey growouts
  • Great homesteader or hobby farmer coop to larger scale poultry operations

We only offer the 12×12 in one package option as our feeding system works in conjunction with our canvas cover.

These Alumi-Coops were designed with three features in mind. They are: built to last, easy to move, and pay for themselves. Third-party testing has concluded these coops help maximize grow out percentages. In the test, forty-five birds were used in two different types of coops. One coop was an Alumi-Coop and the other was a 24” flat-style, Joel Salatin coop. Both coops were 10’x12’. When both coops were compared, the Alumi-Coop performed better by reducing grow-out time by one full week. This test also produced over 29 lbs of additional weight. In all, these birds were larger, healthier, and more uniform. The tests concluded the Alumi-Coop was the top producer.

New this year, is our 2 weight brackets on the front ends of each coop. Tests revealed this new feature will help protect your coop against wind speeds up to 75 mph. Alumi-Coops are designed to withstand heavy use and natural elements.

We understand that many of our customers have other animals on their property. With Alumi-Coops, you need not worry about your birds and other animals. It is safe to allow your horses or cattle to graze in the same pasture.


Size Guide

Whether you are new to poultry farming or you have years of experience, we are committed to helping you choose the best possible option.
In the graph below, you can determine which coop size best fits your specific needs.

Alumi-Coop Size Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a user-friendly coop? Do I need to worry about the cable jumping off the pulley when I go out and grab the handle to move it around?

This coop was designed by a poultry farmer for the poultry farmer. The idea was to offer a sturdy, well built, but very user-friendly coop. You will not be disappointed!

There are little brackets on the pulley that prevent the cable from jumping off.


Is this coop predator proof?

Mostly, however we do not guarantee that absolutely no animal can/will dig underneath. We have sold hundreds of these coops and have not had any complaints yet.

With the heavy-duty aluminum frame, it takes quite a bit of effort for an animal to dig underneath.

Moving the coop everyday helps eliminate predator problems as well.

Our coops are constructed with 1×1” 14-gauge galvanized netting for extreme predator resistance.


How long will the cover last?

This will depend a lot on the weather conditions and the penetration of the sun in your area.

It is a heavy-duty Shelter Rite vinyl cover.

We do not recommend using anything the first year. After that you will want to check the cover for cracks or holes. If needed, you can apply a silicone or waterproof spray to extend the life of the cover.

Life expectancy of the cover is approx. 5-7 years.


What kind of material is the coop made from?

Coop consists of an aluminum frame with 1×1 14-gauge galvanized netting.


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