23HP PTO Cart

An economical alternative when additional weight and horsepower are not necessary.

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The New Pioneer 23HP PTO Cart is the right power cart for light duty applications. Designed with the teamster in mind, this economical alternative is the ideal solution when additional weight and horsepower are not necessary. Excellent on a small farm, or as a second cart in a larger operation. In addition, this cart offers a larger more comfortable platform you’ll appreciate on those long days in the field.

Why a 23HP Pioneer PTO Cart?
• Lightweight Durable Design
• Raised Tongue
• Torsion Axles
• Hydraulic Brakes
• 540 RPM PTO
• Single Hydraulic Valve
• Direct Drive Pump
• Comfortable Platform

Raised Tongue
Like all Pioneer brand equipment, we designed our forecarts with the comfort and safety of the horse in mind. Our Raised Tongue keeps the tongue away from your horses hocks and legs, without upsetting the balance of the forecart.

• Only 40lbs. of tongue weightwith 200lbs. man in seat.
• Engineered for 600lbs. max drawbar weight Rubber Torsion Axle
• Rubber suspension reduces shock on equipment and operator Hydraulic Brakes
10” trailer type and foot pedal operated.
All brakes are factory installed, tested and adjusted. Brake lock included. Mechanical Clutch
Simple design and proven performance for trouble free operation.

Ideal Applications:
• Hauling Manure
• Corn Picker
• Small Brush Hog
• Mowing
• Tedding
• Raking
• Small Baler

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History of the PTO Carts Steam engine tractors were invented in the late 1800s but were rarely used for farming until the early 1920s. Until then, Amish farmers were using the same machinery as their non-Amish neighbors. Tourists often ask the question, “Why use a motorized PTO Cart for farming instead of a tractor? Why not hook up a drive train or just use a tractor?” So why don’t we use tractors to farm? To maintain close family ties and preserve community, our forefathers chose to continue farming with horses when most farmers switched to tractors. Today, this decision has impacted our communities in many ways. Two thousand acres easily support twenty-five horse farmers compared to multiple tractor farmers. These twenty-five family farms support a local hardware, a bank, general store, blacksmith, etc. They make a thriving community. This simple concept had a profound affect in shaping our communities. The first Pioneer motorized PTO Cart was built in 1991. The balers, corn pickers, and other PTO driven was often retrofitted with a small engine to pull behind a forecart. Farmers had numerous engines to maintain in their equipment lineup. In the last two decades before the turn of the century farmers began solving the problem by retrofitting old forecarts with an engine and PTO shaft. Now they had only one engine to maintain that could drive all their powered equipment. Next we tried a tri-wheeled cart with a centrifugal clutch in an effort to resolve the problem. This option also proved unsuccessful. In our search for a solution we discovered a new concept developed in a small community in Liberty, KY. The Zimmerman brothers gladly shared their idea and thus the Liberty Stabilizer was born. The adjustable stabilizer eliminated the tongue weight problem and balance issues on the two-wheeled cart. It also eliminated jackknifing issues and PTO shaft binding. Today Pioneer offers a complete line up of PTO carts for nearly any application. From 23hp for raking, tedding and small spreads up to 99hp and above for tilling, chopping and baling hay.